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Elegant Ebony Dining Table

Elegant Ebony Dining Table

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Place of Origin China
Main Color Black White
Main Material Sintered Stone
Filler Carbon steel
Dangerous Goods #dangerFlag#

Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 70.87
Assembled Width (in.) 35.43
Assembled Height (in.) 29.53
Weight (lbs) 158.00

Product Features


[Double circle cross design] Simple retro art, showing natural and primitive beauty, beautiful and practical dining table, embellishment of beautiful fragments of home life. [Sintered stone tabletop] 12mm sintered stone tabletop is anti-bacterial, mildew-resistant, and impact-resistant, and can withstand temperatures up to 1200°C. The anti-collision rounded corner design protects your children from bumps. [Bottom plate reinforcement] The bottom surface of the dining table is glued with solid wood multi-layer boards, and the screw fixing frame is fixed, and the design is safe for load-bearing, and it is stable and does not roll over. [Carbon Steel Feet] X-shaped center column carbon steel table legs, hard and stable, with a beautiful appearance, a large texture, long-term practicality, and no paint drop, which can withstand the test of time. [Capacity]71"for 8-10 persons. Why choose a sintered stone tabletop dining table? Sintered stone is a new type of material made of natural raw materials and advanced technology, which is fired at a high temperature above 2192 °F. Its hardness and other properties are far higher than other stones, and it can withstand various high-intensity processing processes. -Advantages: 【Health & Eco-friendly】 Natural materials, do not release harmful substances, 100% recyclable. No radiation, can be in direct contact with food. 【Fireproof & High Temperature Resistance】 It will not deform, shrink or rupture, and emit no gas or odor when it directly contacts with high temperature objects or flames. 【Anti-fouling & Easy to Clean】The water seepage rate is extremely low, oil or liquid can not penetrate, and it can be cleaned by simply wiping. 【Scratch Resistance】The Mohs hardness exceeds 6°, which can resist scratches and can be directly chopped on the sintered stone tabletop.

Product Material:

Tabletop Material 12 mm Sintered Stone
Base Material

Carbon Steel

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