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Luxury Gold Velvet Swivel Office Chair

Luxury Gold Velvet Swivel Office Chair

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Place of Origin China
Main Color Pink
Main Material Velvet
Filler Foam
Dangerous Goods #dangerFlag#

Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 22.00
Assembled Width (in.) 18.80
Assembled Height (in.) 30.00
Weight (lbs) 33.00

Product Features


1.Soft and Comfortable:

Highlight the chair's plush velvet fabric which offers a soft and comfortable seating experience, allowing you to sit for hours without discomfort. 2.Ergonomic Design:

Emphasize the chair's ergonomic design, with features such as a contoured backrest and seat, adjustable height, and 360-degree swivel, promoting good posture and reducing strain on the back and neck. 3.Stylish Appearance:

Highlight the chair's stylish and elegant design, which adds a touch of sophistication to any office or workspace. Mention the available color options to help potential customers match the chair with their decor. 4.Durable and Sturdy:

Discuss the chair's durability, sturdy base and frame, and its weight capacity, to reassure customers that it will provide long-lasting comfort and support. 5.Easy to Assemble:

Mention that the chair is easy to assemble, with clear instructions included, and can be put together in a short amount of time.

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