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Neo one Office Chair

Neo one Office Chair

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Place of Origin #originPlace#
Main Color Black+Brown
Main Material genuine leather
Dangerous Goods #dangerFlag#

Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) Not Applicable
Assembled Width (in.) Not Applicable
Assembled Height (in.) Not Applicable
Weight (lbs) Not Applicable

Product Features


4-point support, soothe the lower back:
On 4 key points, the scientific ratio of softness and hardness relieves the pressure on the waist and back (comfort the cervical vertebra, support the shoulder vertebra, fit the lumbar vertebra, support the coccyx)

Backward function:
Carefree function, comfortable enjoyment, backward adjustment (120 degrees), both leisure and work

Arbitrary lifting, worry-free rotation:
Rotate freely in the lifting range, rotate left and right without worry, and adjust the appropriate sitting posture at will

One-piece comfortable headrest to relieve neck fatigue

U-shaped comfort wrap
Neck extends to full back fit

Product Details

Domestic first layer cowhide
8-layer bent board with veneer
Aluminum alloy tripod accessories + mute pulley

Weight: 250kg or 550lbs

*Total length: 43.3 before the increase. 46.06 after the increase
Seat board width: 18.5
Backrest width: 18.11
Backrest inner width: 17.71
Backrest width: 20.47
Backrest inner width: 15.74
Chair length: 28.34
The total width of the left and right handrails: 22.83
Armrest height: 4.72
Seat Width: 16.53
Seat height from the ground: 17.32 before raising, 20.07 after raising
The height of the armrest from the ground: 21.65 before raising. 24.40 after raising
Seat plate thickness: 0.59
Sponge thickness: 1.57
Pulley Diameter: 25.98
· Self-assembly: 2 people recommended

Assembly Instructions: Included in the box

Packing size: 40.55*24*18.5in inches

· Number of packages: 1

· Wipe clean with a soft cloth.

No warranty service
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